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Official Santana Albums
Santana Abraxas Santana III Caravanserai Welcome Lotus Greatest Borboletta
Amigos Festivál Moonflower Inner Marathon Zebop! Shango' Beyond
Secrets Appearances
Freedom Viva Spirits Dancing Milagro Sacred Fire Brothers Dance Of The Live At The
Santana! In The Flesh Live In South America Rainbow Serpent Fillmore '68
Supernatural Shaman All That I Am Guitar Heaven Shape Shifter Corazon Santana IV Isley Brothers - Santana
Power Of Peace
Africa Speaks Blessings
And Miracles
Viva Sacred Fire Supernatural Corazon: Santana IV: Live At
Santana! Live In Mexico Live Live In Mexico The House Of Blues
Carlos Santana Solo Albums
Carlos Santana & Love Devotion Illuminations Oneness The Swing Havana Blues
Buddy Miles! Live! Surrender Of Delight Moon For Salvador
Original Recordings
Historic Santana Evolution
Santana '68 Original Recordings
Various Artists
Woodstock Fillmore: California Jam 2 Get Up! In From Girlfight Platinum Various Artists:
The Last Days Live! Stand Up! The Storm Christmas Primavera
Dirty Dancing Power We Are Food For Dora The Explorer: Proyecto One Love, One Rhythm
Havana Nights Of Soul The Future Thought Dance Fiesta! De Amor 2014 FIFA World Cup
Official Album
Woodstock A Night At Legends Of R'n’R Goldmine Stamping Soul The Best Of Fillmore:
The Family Dog Rock The San Francisco Sound Ground To Soul Musikladen Live The Last Days
Musicourt Get Up! A Reggae Caliente Y Picante The History Of Blue Note-A Story 42nd Annual Arista
Stand Up! Session A Latino Session Rock'N'Roll Of Modern Jazz Grammy Awards 25 Years Of #1 Hits
We Are Latin Music
The Future USA
Carlos Santana Guest Appearances
The Live Adventures Jefferson Papa John Luis Gasca: Flora Alice Narada M. Walden: Giants
Of Mike Bloomfield Airplane: Creach: For Those Purim: Coltrane: Garden Of
And Al Kooper Bark Papa John Creach Who Chant Stories To Tell Eternity Love Light
John Gato Narada Herbie Boz José Leon Patillo: Stanley
McLaughlin: Barbieri: Michael Walden: Hancock: Scaggs: Feliciano: I'll Never Stop Clarke:
Electric Guitarist Tropico Awakening Monster Middle Man Escenas De Amor Lovin' You Let Me Know You
McCoy Bob Jim Aretha Franklin: Gregg Weather Babatunde Olatunji: Gregg
Tyner: Dylan: Capaldi: Who's Rolie: Report: Dance To The Rolie:
Looking Out Real Live One Man Mission Zoomin' Who? Gregg Rolie This Is This Beat Of My Drum Gringo
Neville Clyde N'Dugu: John Lee Terri Lyne Bobby Mory Alex Acuña &
Brothers: Criner: New Friends Hooker: Carrington: Womack: Kante: The Unknowns:
Uptown Behind The Sun Old Friends The Healer Real Life Story Save The Children Touma Thinking of You
Tramaine Salif John Lee Ottmar Liebert Caribbean Allstars: Paolo John Lee Junior Wells:
Hawkins: Keita: Hooker: & Luna Negra: Paths To Rustichelli: Hooker: Everybody's
Live Amen Mr. Lucky Solo Para Ti Greatness Mystic Jazz Chill Out Gettin' Some
Angelique Eric Paolo Narada El Tri: Lauryn Hill: Everlast: Dave Matthews
Kidjo: Clapton: Rustichelli: Michael Walden: Cuando Tu The Miseducation Eat At Band:
Fifa Crossroads 2 Mystic Man Ectasy's Dance No Estas Of Lauryn Hill Whitey's Everyday
Benny Michael Maná: Paul Schwartz: Wyclef Jean: Avance: John Patti
Rietveld: Jackson: Revolución State Of Grace II: The Seguimos McLaughlin: LaBelle:
Mystery Of Faith Invincible De Amor Turning To Peace Preacher's Son The Montreux Concerts Timeless Journey
Citizen Cope: Dave Matthews Band: Khaled: Herbie Buddy Shakira: Miles Davis: Naomi
The Clarence San Francisco, CA Ya-Rayi (Original Hancock: Guy: Oral Fixation Miles Striemer:
Greenwood Recordings September 12, 2004 Recording Remastered) Possibilities Bring 'Em In Vol. 2 Cool & Collected Images
Angelique Miles Davis: Gloria Eros Narada Salvador Santana George Clinton: 1 Giant Leap:
Kidjo: Evolution Estefan: Ramazzotti: Michael Walden: Band: George Clinton And His What
Djin Djin Of The Groove 90 Millas E2 The More I Love My Life SSB Gangsters Of Love About Me?
Smokey Robinson: Buddy Robert Randolph Romeo Santos: Tracy Blackman: Soledad: Cindy Bob Dylan:
Time Flies Guy: & The Family Band: Formula Mercy Vivir Es Hoy Blackman-Santana: The Bootleg Series
When You're Having Fun Living Proof Lickety Split Vol. 2 Fun Party Splash Trouble No More
Seun Kuti Kyera: Toure Eddie Johnny Tyga X YG Felly Cindy
& Egypt 80: Passion Kunda: Palmieri: Gill: X Santana: ft. Carlos Santana: Blackman-Santana:
Black Times Lambi Golo Mi Luz Mayor Fiesta Mamacita Heartstrings Give The Drummer Some
Sergio Diane Warren: Alejandro
Vallin: The Cave Sessions Lerner:
Microsinfonias Vol. 1 Puro Sentimiento
Paco De Lucia: Sworn To The Tramaine John Lee Hooker: Salif Keita: Ricky Faith Hill: Trey Anastasio
Light And Drum: A Tribute Hawkins: Come And See About Me World Music Martin: When The Lights Feat. Special Guest
Shade To F. Aguabella Live! The Definitive DVD Portraits One Night Only Go Down Carlos Santana
Eric Clapton: Miles Davis: Herbie Buddy The Miles Davis:
Crossroads Miles Electric: A Hancock: Guy: Peter Green Story Live At Montreux:
Guitar Festival Different Kind Of Blue Possibilities Can't Quit The Blues Man Of The World Highlights 1973-1991
Sacred Sources 1 Santana Bill Ceremony Deborah Santana: C. Santana/W. Shorter: Ultimate Multi
Live In Laswell: Remixes Space Live At The 1988 Santana Dimensional
Forever Conversation Divine Light & Rarities Between The Stars Montreux Jazz Festival Warrior
Santana In Search Of
Oye Como Va Mona Lisa
Live 75-90
La C. Santana/W. Shorter: K. Perazzo-R. Rekow: David Carlos A History Of Santana K. Perazzo-R. Rekow: George Leonard:
Bamba Live At The 1988 From Afro-Cuban Fortney: Santana: The River Of Supernatural Rhythm The 5 Keys
Montreux Jazz Festival To Rock Lightdance Influences color And Sound & Grooves To Mastery
Santana: Carlos Santana Santana: Road Santana: Santana & McLaughlin: Santana
Live Presents Hymns For Peace To Greatest Hits Invitation To Illumination Live At
By Request Blues At Montreux 2004 Live At Montreux 2004 Ingwavuma Live At Montreux 2011 Live At Montreux 2011 US Festival
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Expanded Rare Blues Traveler: The Santana
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