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Created on May 5, 1999 in Oakland, CA, closed in Sept 2001, and re-opened in France on Nov 30, 2002.
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Who Are We?
Who Are We?
The Founder & Webmaster: Karim Brichi
Santanamigo since: 1976
First Santana show attended: Hall Rhenus, Strasbourg, France Nov 1, 1981
The Music Expert: Herman Lansink Rotgerink
Santanamigo since: 1969
First Santana show attended: Groenoordhal, Leiden, Netherlands Nov 17, 1978
The Poster Master: Dick Dixon
Santanamigo since: 1970
First Santana show attended: Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA June 30, 1976
Karim Brichi & Herman Lansink Rotgerink
Jazz A Juan. Pinede Gould, Antibes, France July 19, 2011
© Karim Brichi
Santana Bass Master - Benny Rietveld By Al Carlos Hernandez March 12, 2012
Al Carlos Hernandez: Can you remember the very first gig with Santana? What was that like?
Benny Rietveld: I think it was this outdoor gig in California somewhere. You’ll have to ask Karim Brichi; he’s the guy that knows everything as far as Santana gigs and personnel goes. All those early gigs were as exhilarating as they are now, actually. Back then I was too focused on doing a good job and plugging into the moment to really think about the reality of it all. So it really wasn’t until maybe a few months later that it started to occur to me that I was playing with one of my musical heroes, playing songs that I listened to day after day, jamming to them, and getting high to them. Very surreal. In fact, sometimes I still wake up while I’m onstage and think, "Holy shit, that’s Carlos Santana!"
Collage © Karim Brichi
Recordings Date Symbols
LP: long play album. 12" (30 cm) Santana show (full concert or short performance)
12": single. 12" (30 cm) Carlos Santana's or Santana Band members' guest appearance
180gram: 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing Carlos Santana’s Band Membership or Santana Band Line-Up
cv/pd: colored vinyl/picture disc Recording, Release, Publication
ep: extended play Award
foc: fold out cover Event
half speed: half speed mastered
pos: poster Set Lists
quad: quadraphonic Exact: correct titles in the right order
CD: compact disc. 5" (12 cm) Official: provided by the Santana management
SACD: super audio CD. 5" (12 cm) Incomplete: correct titles, possibly played among others in a different order
HDCD: high definition compatible digital CD. 5" (12 cm)
DVDA: audio DVD. 5" (12 cm)
CD3: single CD. 3" (8 cm)
CD5: single CD. 5" (12 cm)
DL: download
20-bit/24-bit: 20-bit mastered/24-bit mastered
dgpck: digipack
gold: 24-karat gold plated CD
VHS: very high standard video tape
DVD: digital versatile disc. 5" (12cm)
DVDS: single DVD. 5" (12cm)
Blu-ray: Blu-ray. 5" (12cm)
mp4: H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10)
CD-ROM: compact disc-read only memory. 5" (12cm)
VCD: video compact disc. 5" (12cm)
Col: Columbia
Poly: Polygram/Polydor
VHS Formats
NTSC: American and Japanese VHS systems
PAL: main European VHS color system
SECAM: French VHS color system
DVD Regions
R0: multi region
R1: region 1 (USA/Canada/Bermuda)
R2: region 2 (Japan/Europe/Middle East/South Africa)
R3: region 3 (South Korea/Hong Kong/Taiwan)
R4: region 4 (New Zealand/Australia/Mexico/South America)
R5: region 5 (Russia/Africa/Indian Sub-Continent/North Korea/Mongolia)
R6: region 6 (China)
Blu-ray Regions
A: region A (America/Japan/North-South Korea/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Southeast Asia)
B: region B (Europe/Greenland/Middle East/Africa/Australia/New Zealand)
C: region C (India/Nepal/China/Russia/Central-South Asia)
U.S. Regions & States
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