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The Santanamigos Project


An online database for Santana fans created on May 5, 1999 in Oakland, CA, closed in Sept 2001, and re-opened in France on Nov 30, 2002.

Santanamigos' name and content are copyrighted. Not related to the Santana Band, nor to its management.

The Santanamigos Group

A discussion board for Santana fans created on Oct 6, 2016 on Facebook.

The Santanamigos Channel

A video library for Santana fans created on May 8, 2019 on YouTube.

The Team

Karim Brichi


Founder & Webmaster

Santanamigo since: 1976

First Santana show attended: Hall Rhenus, Strasbourg, France Nov 1, 1981

Herman Lansink Rotgerink


The Music Expert

Santanamigo since: 1969

First Santana show attended: Groenoordhal, Leiden, Netherlands Nov 17, 1978

Dick Dixon

Arizona, USA

The Poster Master

Santanamigo since: 1970

First Santana show attended: Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, IA May 30, 1976

Carlos Santana, Karim Brichi. Jazz A Juan. Pinede Gould, Antibes, France July 23, 1993 © Karim Brichi
Karim Brichi, Carlos Santana, Dick Dixon. Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV January 6, 1996 (morning after show) © Karim Brichi
Karim Brichi, Herman Lansink Rotgerink
Jazz A Juan. Pinede Gould, Antibes, France
July 19, 2011 © Karim Brichi
Karim Brichi, Carlos Santana wearing a Michel Delorme Tribute T-shirt
Sporting Summer Festival 2018. Salle Des Etoiles, Sporting Monte-Carlo, Monaco
August 5, 2018 © Karim Brichi

Special Thanks

I'd like to thank the following people for their contribution and brotherhood over the years. Oneness, Karim Brichi

Julio Aguilar (France), Phillip E. Andrews (USA), Corry Arnold (USA), Eddy Berst (Netherlands), Ike Bezalel (USA), Eric Bonillo (France), Phillip Browne (USA), Alan Carlos Hernandez (USA), Bruno Ceriotti (Italy), José B. Cruz (USA), Lisa Delgado (R.I.P.) (USA), Michel Delorme (R.I.P.) and Marianne Delorme (France), Dick Dixon (USA), Scott Enders (USA), Aaron Gallegos (USA), Gustavo Ghidorzi (Italy), Hector Gilberto (Spain), Dan Hitchcock (USA), Etienne Houben (Netherlands), Carl Kunstorff (R.I.P.) (USA), Richard Lambrecht (USA), Herman Lansink Rotgerink (Netherlands), Andre Looijestijn (Netherlands), Mack Marcos Castillo (USA), Nancy Martinez (R.I.P.) (USA), Jim McCarthy (UK), Kinichi Motoi (Japan), Joey Newlander (USA), P.J. Padilla (USA), Belinda Perry (USA), Steve Portillo (USA), Phillip Retamoza (USA), Michael Rios (USA), Edward Rodriguez (USA), Jesus Santana (Mexico), Michael Santen (Germany), Dardo Simone (USA), Lionel Simonian (France), Raymond Valderrama (USA), Ment van der Zwan (Netherlands).



🎫 Show (full concert or short performance)

🎸 Carlos Santana's or Santana Band members' guest appearance

♥ Carlos Santana’s Band Membership or Santana Band Line-Up

🎧 Recording, Release, Publication, Premiere

★ Award

🔔 Event

☮ Selection of Carlos Santana's words of peace

Set Lists

Exact: correct titles in the right order

Official: provided by the Santana management

Incomplete: correct titles, possibly played among others in a different order


LP: long play album. 12" (30 cm)

12": single. 12" (30 cm)

180gram: 180 gram virgin vinyl pressing

cv/pd: colored vinyl/picture disc

ep: extended play

gf: gatefold cover

half speed: half speed mastered

pos: poster

quad: quadraphonic

CD: compact disc. 5" (12 cm)

SACD: super audio CD. 5" (12 cm)

HDCD: high definition compatible digital CD. 5" (12 cm)

DVD-A: DVD audio. 5" (12 cm)

BSCD2: Blu-spec CD2. 5" (12cm)

CD3: single CD. 3" (8 cm)

CD5: single CD. 5" (12 cm)

DL: download

20-bit/24-bit: 20-bit mastered/24-bit mastered

dgpck: digipack

gold: 24-karat gold plated CD

VHS: very high standard video tape

LD: LaserDisc. 12" (30cm)

DVD: digital versatile disc. 5" (12cm)

DVDS: single DVD. 5" (12cm)

Blu-ray: Blu-ray. 5" (12cm)

HD DVD: high density digital versatile disc. 5” (12cm)

mp4: H.264/AVC (MPEG-4 Part 10)

CD-ROM: compact disc-read only memory. 5" (12cm)

VCD: video compact disc. 5" (12cm)

Col: Columbia

U.S. Regions & States

VHS Formats

NTSC: American and Japanese VHS systems

PAL: main European VHS color system

SECAM: French VHS color system

DVD Regions

R0: multi region DVD (worldwide)

R1: region 1 DVD (USA/Canada/Bermuda)

R2: region 2 DVD (Japan/Europe/Middle East/South Africa)

R3: region 3 DVD (South Korea/Hong Kong/Taiwan)

R4: region 4 DVD (New Zealand/Australia/Mexico/South America)

R5: region 5 DVD (Russia/Africa/Indian Sub-Continent/North Korea/Mongolia)

R6: region 6 DVD (China)

Blu-Ray Regions

R0: multi region Blu-ray (worldwide)

A: region A Blu-ray (America/Japan/North-So. Korea/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Southeast Asia)

B: region B Blu-ray (Europe/Greenland/Middle East/Africa/Australia/New Zealand)

C: region C Blu-ray (India/Nepal/China/Russia/Central-South Asia)

From San Francisco,

Please Welcome... SANTANA!

Bill Graham

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